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Transport Parts Archive

Borg & Beck says check the filter

When a vehicle enters the workshop for a service, it is important to make sure that all components are functioning properly before heading back out on to the road. Filters are one of the components that must be replaced in line with the manufacturers schedule, as they are vital in maximising the longevity and efficiency

Brembo exhibits at IAA Commercial Vehicle Show

Brembo exhibited at IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover last week, with a wide range of products dedicated to heavy vehicles Brembo puts its technological know-how and unrivalled experience to work for the professional, producing extremely reliable braking systems for every category of commercial and industrial vehicle. These vehicles, whether light (up to 6 tons),

WAI further increases coverage with NTR rotating electrics

New rotating electrics products have been added to the WAI global range, highlighting its commitment to bringing to market products that meet customer demand and provide greater vehicle coverage. A total of 14 new alternators and two new starters have been added, applicable for a number of popular passenger car and light commercial vehicle makes

Meyle develops checklist for testing brakes

The inspection of the brake system by an expert is a must for every car owner. To enable workshops to offer its customers an even more effective repair service, the Meyle experts have developed a step-by-step checklist. The checklist enables the mechanic to check off all important steps for a successful test of the brake

Hunter produces new and affordable alignment systems

The premium level of servicing offered by Hunter alignment systems has, until now, been considered by some as being out of reach. However, with the new Hunter PA200 range ‘Specials Deal’, workshops of all sizes and budgets can add Hunter wheel alignment servicing to their arsenal, giving them the scope to grow their business significantly.

AS-PL launches two year warranty

Due to the dynamic development of the AS-PL company, from August 1 the warranty period for all AS-PL products has been extended from 12 to 24 months. This applies to all products sold from August 1. In line with the extension of the warranty period and the ongoing changes and expansion of the business, AS-PL

Chicago Pneumatic introduces new one inch torque limited impact wrench

Chicago Pneumatic has introduced, what it claims is the first one inch torque limited impact wrench in the market, ideal for changing tyres on medium and heavy-duty trucks, tractor trailers, buses, coaches and agricultural vehicles. The company hopes this will prevent against overtightened bolts when changing tyres, which is key for vehicle service professionals to

PCL unboxes the Qube series II Plug and Play tyre inflator

Pneumatic Components (PCL), the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of pneumatic and tyre inflation systems, has launched the Accura Qube Series II. Featuring enhanced performance and improved touch screen technology, the Qube Series II ‘plug and play’ unit is the next level up from a digital handheld. It also offers the option to have

Comline joins the VLS

Leading automotive parts and lubricant supplier, Comline Auto Parts Ltd (Comline), has joined the Verification of Lubricant Specifications (VLS). Engaging with market participants and relevant authorities, the VLS works to pursue incorrect or false product quality and standards. The organisation works independently to investigate compliance and performance claims of lubricant products (such as oil) to

Launch UK introduces X-431 PRO4

Launch has introduced its latest addition to the acclaimed X-431 range of OE level diagnostic tools, the X-431 PRO4. Based on the latest innovative Launch vehicle software, the X-431 PRO4 is a new high-spec intelligent vehicle software solution for independent garages and technicians which harnesses Launch’s diagnostic technology, providing wide vehicle manufacturer coverage. Supporting American,