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Elta produces new bulb guide

Elta Automotive Ltd. has produced a 24-part guide under its VisionPro and Lucas brands that features the up and coming bulbs, based on the UK

Newley launched pneumatic brake bleeder from Sealey

This one-man professional pneumatic brake bleeding tool is now available from Sealey. Pressure range makes the unit suitable for use with ABS systems. Its reservoir

Chicago Pneumatic offers drilling advice

With the right tool, drill bit and speed, virtually any material can be drilled. Whether you’re drilling through composite material or hardened steel for an

Dayco damper pulleys

OE dampers for the aftermarket Dayco, a leading engine products and drive systems supplier for the automotive, industrial and aftermarket industries, is also a major

ZF adds TRW brake discs for Tesla Model S to range

To meet the needs of a growing e-mobility market, ZF Aftermarket has expanded its TRW brake disc product range to include by parts for the

Peugeot Sandyford partners with Lansdowne Football Club

Sandyford Motor Centre, main Peugeot dealer in South Dublin, is the new official car partner to Lansdowne Football Club. A new Peugeot 5008 seven-seat SUV

The main causes of oil degradation

Engine oil challenges With technology constantly evolving, automotive engines are being designed to be more dynamic, faster and efficient. But these innovations bring their own

Denso launches ‘Denso Club’ campaign for distributors

Denso is rewarding its hard-working distributors by creating the Denso Club, an initiative that offers customers the opportunity to win trips to either Denso’s global

BMW continues wireless EV charging system trial in California

BMW first demonstrated its wireless charging system for the 530e iPerformance in 2017. Last year, the system was rolled out in Germany on a trial

Continental develops solution for safe transition from automated to manual driving

Continental has developed a solution for a safe transition from automated to manual driving.