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Volvo unveils new FM truck

Volvo Trucks has unveiled its new FM truck, which offers top-notch flexibility and transport efficiency, covering the needs of most customers.

Among the new features are an improved driver’s cab and the ground-breaking Volvo Dynamic Steering option boosting the truck’s first-class driving properties.

“The new Volvo FM is easy to customise to suit individual needs. To use the language of football, the FM is that invaluable all-round player that does an equally brilliant job whatever and wherever required,” says Claes Nilsson, President of Volvo Trucks.

He adds: “Volvo Dynamic Steering is a world-class technical innovation. It benefits the truck driver in all operating conditions by creating a safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable working environment. On the highway the dynamic steering system provides exceptional directional stability. At low speeds even a heavily-laden truck is so easily manoeuvrable that it can be steered with little effort.”Volvo-FM2

Excellent driving experience

Improved suspension is another upgrade that contributes to the excellent road manners.

“The driving experience in the new Volvo FM benefits from most of our recent innovations. Progress on the road is more assured, with better roll stability. To improve fuel efficiency, the I-See system – which can cut diesel consumption by up to five per cent – is now also available on the FM,” says Claes Nilsson.

Flexible and efficient

Lower weight, new axle configurations, increased chassis flexibility and crystal-clear interfaces for bodybuilders all allow the customer to tailor the perfect truck for their job.

High product quality combined with the option of advanced telematics to monitor a number of components means that Volvo Trucks can guarantee the truck owner maximum uptime.

While the Volvo FM is productive and economical for the customer, it also offers the driver a completely new working environment

The driver in firm focus

The in-cab environment is designed with the driver in focus. The result is an effective, ergonomic and safe workplace with increased space for the driver and more small storage capacity than before.

Another new feature is the possibility of downloading the new ‘My Truck’ app, which allows the driver to remotely control and monitor some of the truck’s functions.

The new Volvo FM is being launched with a comprehensive range of 11- and 13-litre engines that meet the Euro-6 requirements, which come into force at the start of 2014.

The Volvo FM is being unveiled for the first time at the Commercial Vehicle show in Birmingham in April 2013.
Production of the new Volvo FM gets under way for European customers in September 2013.