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Turning the clocks back

I read an eye-opening article in the well-respected UK’s WhatCar? magazine recently.
Basically, it’s investigations found that clocking cars (altering their mileage) in the UK has risen by 25 per cent in the past three years.

It’s a relatively simple process to connect a laptop to a modern car’s digital odometer and alter the mileage. And their report highlights the rewards to be had with an example – the difference in value of an Audi A4 with mileage altered downwards by 60,000 miles is £4,050 added to the price-tag.

With an estimated 5,072,000 clocked cars in the UK today, we should be very careful if buying an imported car. My advice is to engage the services of or one of the other such services to check the full cars history before buying.

My information is that car clocking is on the increase here too, and I certainly wouldn’t consider buying any used car with out checking it out fully with of some other equally reputable service.