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TTC unveils Brake Pedal Depressor

Truck and Trailer Components (TTC) has launched a Brake Pedal Depressor, which is specifically designed to help the driver carry out vehicle light checks, without the need for a second person.

Extra Foot Blog
One of the essential tasks facing the driver of any vehicle is regular checks of vehicle systems, including brakes and lighting.

TTC has laucnhed the the ‘Extra Foot‘, a brake pedal depressor with additional extras, all to make the LCV and HCV Driver’s life easier.

This handy device is also available with additional components to assist with cleaning mirrors, reversing light cameras etc.

The ‘Extra Foot’ enables drivers to meet the requirement by law to perform daily walk around checks of their vehicle before it is used.

Fleets and Drivers need to document and evidence that they have checked their vehicle and therefore is road worthy before each trip.

The extra foot, gives drivers a hand to simplify the checks, which when carried out as part of an overall maintenance programme. helps maintain driver and operator road safety standards.