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Philips launches new aftermarket Xenon headlamp range

In 1991, Philips introduced Xenon lighting to the Automotive sector and now it has launched a new Xenon aftermarket range. Three new products: the cost saving Xenon Vision, stylish Xenon BlueVisionUltra and range topping Xenon X-tremeVision will widen choice and help increase value, style and safety for consumers.

Xenon Vision

The Xenon Vision will become the reference headlamp for standard Xenon lighting replacement.

Standard Xenon bulbs experience slight changes in colour over time and this has meant previously that a replacement Xenon bulb will often look mis-matched, compared to the remaining headlamp. The solution has always been to replace Xenon Bulbs in pairs.

Philips new Xenon Vision bulb, the new standard Xenon lamp from Philips, addresses this problem, matching the colour of an existing Xenon bulb, so that motorists will now only have to buy replacement Xenon bulbs singly, offering noticeable cost saving benefits.

Philips new Xenon BluevisionUltra is aimed at the motorist who is looking for individual style in a replacement Xenon bulb.

The human eye responds to blue light, perceiving it as being closer to daylight and BlueVisionUltra has been designed with a clear outer tube with blue stripes that produce a pronounced blue effect. The bulb projects light at a colour temperature of 6000K – the highest in the market place – which means that the motorist perceives it as being like driving in daylight and is visually more comfortable as a result.

The Xenon BlueVision Ultra delivers 10% more light than previous generation Xenon lights, while its distinct blue tint makes any car equipped with it stand out from the crowd.

Xenon X-tremeVision

The X-tremeVision halogen light has won numerous awards and Philips is now proud to introduce its Xenon counterpart.

The first +50% Xenon lamp is the result of all Philips’ lighting expertise and with Xenon X-tremeVision the company offers a Xenon bulb that is brighter than ever before. It achieves this thanks to an optimized burner geometry, whose fine tuning delivers increased light levels where they are most needed.

The result is a longer beam to see obstacles earlier, together with a greater perceived visual difference, thanks to the increased colour temperature of 4800K, that in turn delivers enhanced peripheral vision. Xenon X-tremeVision offers a significant boost to driving safety.