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Peugeot Fractal concept car awarded Grand Prize

Peugeot has been awarded the Creativ’Experience Grand Prize for its stunning Fractal concept car at the 31st International Automobile Festival.

Each year the International Automobile Festival rewards the most beautiful automotive designs. Prizes are awarded by a panel of experts and enthusiasts from the automotive, media and fashion worlds, chaired by the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte.

Peugeot's Fractal concept car.
Gilles Vidal, Head of Peugeot Styling, was presented with the trophy. It’s the second prize won by the Peugeot Fractal, which was selected as “Best Concept Car” at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show by Auto Plus readers and RTL listeners last September.

With more than 2 million customers won over since 2012, the unique, ergonomic Peugeot i-Cockpit interior with compact steering wheel and heads up instrument panel, has become a distinctive brand signature in the 208, 2008 and 308 ranges. At the September 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, Peugeot unveiled its Fractal electric city car, in which the lion-brand revealed a new-generation i-Cockpit.

Brazilian sound designer Amon Tobin worked with Peugeot style specialists to create an interior sound identity for the concept car. Immersing passengers in a unique sensory experience, thanks to an acoustic system combining a 9.1 hi-fi set-up with infra-bass speakers built into the back of each seat, 80 per cent of the Fractal’s interior parts are 3D-printed, including the specially designed surfaces that guide the sound, just like in a concert hall.

The heads-up system includes a digital tablet with HD holographic display, while the compact steering wheel has built-in touch pads and interface to control driver functions and acoustic ambiance.
Driven by a fully electric power unit, the Peugeot Fractal develops 204bhp to reach 100km/hr in 6.8 seconds and has a driving range of 450 km thanks to its very sleek aerodynamic lines and maximum 1,000kg weight.

Gilles Vidal, Head of Styling at Peugeot said, “I am very happy to receive the Creativ’Experience Grand Prize for the Peugeot Fractal as it’s a prize that highlights the driver’s experience behind the car’s steering wheel. This prize rewards the prospective study on the sound design and 3D printing technology embodied by this concept car.”