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More water pumps from FAI

The proliferation of water pump numbers required to meet the needs of the aftermarket shows no sign of slowing down and FAI are, as usual, keeping up with the latest developments. The result of its development work is a new catalogue supplement (ref. CAT5/2012/SUPP) with 91 new numbers.

Recognising that many customers use computer cataloguing systems such as TecDoc, MAM and Epicor, HAI has submitted data covering these pumps to those providers.

The company believes in offering a comprehensive and relevant range. Amongst these 91 numbers, there are several which will undoubtedly become fast-movers of the future including high volume VAG, PSA, GM and Ford applications.

FAI is at pains to emphasise that it isn’t ‘cherry picking’ high volume parts and there are also some pumps which demonstrate the company’s commitment to providing customer service by offering important but lower volume applications.

Every effort is made to keep the FAI product as close to the OE specification as possible. The trend towards the use of plastic for engine parts, continues at OE level and the pump used on some PSA 1.4/1.6 models has a high-tech thermosetting plastic body.

Some aftermarket suppliers have taken a lower technology approach and are supplying this pump with a metal body but FAI part number WP6494 uses a similar material to the original part.

FAI Water Pump