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Ford says let go of what you know

This week, Ford in Ireland has unveiled a new repositioning of the company’s brand which takes a surprising look at the familiar and shows just how far we can progress if we’re prepared to let go of limiting beliefs.

Ford UNLEARN copy
The new brand strategy is revealed in a wide ranging advertising campaign kicking off this week across Ireland.

The aim of the brand repositioning is to drive reappraisal of Ford as a brand committed to driving innovation and progress to meet Ireland’s changing needs when it comes to automotive mobility.

The various creatives in the advertising campaign seek, in a number of ways, to challenge the familiar to show just how far we can progress when we Unlearn:

·        Think you know OAPs? Meet the 104-year-old record-breaking runner Fauja Singh.

·        Think you know how parcels are delivered? Think drones.

·        Think you know Ford? There’s a new kind of horsepower as the iconic Mustang arrives on Irish soil for the first time.

The new Ford TV commercial closes with an emotional moment featuring a newborn baby that reminds us that we all have the ability to Unlearn.

“The new Ford positioning is about taking a fresh look at the familiar and anyone who takes a fresh look at Ford may be surprised by what they find,” said Ciarán McMahon, Chairman and Managing Director of Ford Ireland.

“We now have a line up of vehicles that demonstrate our performance prowess and innovation, from the Ford GT which will race this year at Le Mans, to our new flagship SUV, Edge, which is laden with driver-helping technology.”

Ford Ireland Marketing Director, John Manning, said: “Unlearn is about casting aside preconceptions, having another think about Ford, and reappraising. It’s about not being held back by current beliefs.”

“We think people will be surprised by what Ford are up to. They’re not just building amazing cars like the GT and Mustang, they’re changing the way people interact with their vehicles and looking at every aspect of how the world gets around. That’s why we’re asking people to let go of any preconceptions they might have about Ford. And maybe at the same time we can all Unlearn few things about ourselves and the world around us.”