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Europe’s new car market continues to slow

According to the latest analysis from JATO Dynamics,  the European new car market continued to decline, although June’s fall in sales was less than in previous months this year.

JATO’s key findings:

• The European new car market declined by 2.0% in June

• Of the Big Five markets, Germany and Great Britain recorded increased sales, and France a small decrease, while Italy and Spain recorded significant declines in sales

• Three of the top ten brands recorded an increase in June sales

• Renault’s Mégane climbed to fifth place, due to taxation-influenced sales in the Netherlands

Only eleven of the thirty European countries included in the analysis experienced sales growth in June compared to the same time last year, with the most notable jump in the Netherlands where 76,813 units were sold in June 2012 compared to 50,493 during the same period last year. In contrast, Italy experienced a drop in unit sales, 128,967 in June this year compared to 170,771 in June 2011.