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Dacia to arrive in January 2013

The Dacia brand officially launches in Ireland next January and the first model to go on sale will be the Dacia Duster, a compact SUV.

A spokesperson told the “The Duster offers all the space and style of an SUV at a prices usually reserved for the smallest of superminis and city cars.”

Dacia is now a well-established brand in Western Europe and last year it claimed top spot in Romania and Morocco, and even became France’s fourth best-selling brand in 2010, with the Duster becoming the top 4×4 seller in the country

While spearheading the re-introduction of the Romanian car maker into the Irish market in 2013, the affordable small SUV should be available in front-wheel drive, while four-wheel drive models should also be available.

Renault says it will announce details of the Duster’s pricing and the Dacia dealer network closer to the brand going on sale in 2012.

There should also be the all-new Sandero supermini, which was described recently as having a ‘shockingly affordable’ price, space and equipment combination. There is also a new MPV currently ready to go on sale in left-hand-drive – it is called the Lodgy

Other carmakers should pay attention because following Dacia’s remarkable success in many European markets the Renault owned brand will make an impact here next year. The business model is to offer the lowest priced model in every segment that it competes.