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Bright outlook for Team P R Reilly with OSRAM

Now available from Team P R Reilly, the hight light output from the new OSRAM LEDs gives better lighting for numerous applications such as reading, vanity mirror lights, foot well and boot illumination etc.

The advantages of OSRAM LED bulbs include

Emits light 360 degrees around the bulb – Unlike many LED bulbs
Low Power Consumption – Up to 80% lower than standard bulbs
ECE compliant caps means that they are interchangeable with normal bulbs
Long Operating Life – Compared to other LED bulbs
Diffused Material – Giving a more even light distribution
Two Colour Choices – Warm White or Cool White
Sophisticated Heat Management – LEDs operate within temperature limits
Operate Either Way Round – Makes installation easier

For further information on the full Osram programme contact Team P R Reilly on 01.8320006 or