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ADS expands range of diagnostic tools

Wexford based Automotive Diagnostic Services (ADS) has expanded its range of diagnostic tools this summer and is now offering three high spec tools to suit customers needs.
ADS has had great success distributing the Tecnomotor range since 2008. Tecnomotor diagnostics has had great success with European manufactured cars and has ever expanding
Asian coverage.
Coverage updates over the last year, have brought the tool forward in leaps and bounds. To complement the Tecnomotor range ADS. now offers the Vedis II from Autoland Scientech and G-Scan from G.I.T. Korea.
G-Scan has been producing OEM software for Hyundai and Kia since 2004 and this software is now available on the aftermarket.
Check out the full article in the Workshop Equipment feature in the Auto Trade Journal out on Friday