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3000 Dacia on Irish roads in just 18 months

In just two years since launching the Dacia brand in Ireland, more than 3,000 Dusters, Sanderos, Sandero Stepways and Logans have been registered.

Dacia Stepway with actress Anne Doyle
The brand caused a stir in the Irish motor industry when Dacia’s arrival was announced on July 15th 2012 in the midst of one of the worst recessions, some may have doubted its ability to capture Irish consumer’s attention….. but they say “who’s laughing now”!

With its very affordable, bulky yet unpretentious cars, Dacia instantly caught the attention of the recession-struck Irish motorist and even though brand knowledge was not high at this time, Dacia started to make its mark on the Irish car market with Duster arriving in January 2013.

In the 18 months that Dacia has been on Irish roads it has changed perceptions, made its own individual stamp on the market, and brought a full range of affordable cars to Ireland changing the way the Irish consumer buys a new car today.

Dacia says that it set out to offer an unbeatable combination of price and size versus competitors, functional cleverly designed cars, reliability with proven engine technology, robust and built to stand the test of time and a smart buy.

All Dacia engines are Band A or B meaning low road tax, and come with a standard three year, 100,000KM warranty, extendable to five years unlimited mileage warranty.

With 2.4% of the passenger car market, Dacia is well ahead of well-established and more premium brands, showing that Irish consumers know a smart buy when they see one.

The real success of the Dacia brand is down to its no-nonsense, break-the-rules attitude of eliminating the unnecessary, giving customers the ability to buy exactly what they need and nothing more.

Others may have claimed it, but Dacia says that it is Ireland’s fastest growing network with 26 dedicated dealerships around the country.

Patrick Magee, Country Operations Manager, Dacia Ireland (Renault Group): “We are very proud of how successful the Dacia brand has become since launch and its arrival here 18 months ago. It does what it says on the tin, which is no nonsense motoring and gives the customer what they need, nothing more, and this is testament to the 3,000 customers we have on our roads today.

It’s a great range of cars, from 4×4, to crossover, to MCV and Ireland’s most affordable car, and Dacia customers include Irish families of all sizes, taxi drivers, small business owners and city dwellers who made a clever and smart choice to buy Dacia. Our market share is on the increase and Duster passed its 1000th registration for the year to date in the first ten days of the new 142 registration period. Sandero is doing very well in its segment and overall we are happy with Dacia’s performance in just 18 months. We will keep Dacia fans up to date on any potential and existing news on the brand in the next few months”.