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ZF wins environmental award

ZF Aftermarket has been awarded the Partslife environmental award for the use of ‘Powder Adhesive Technology’ in the production of its TRW branded brake pads, which are now manufactured without organic solvents.

The aim of the award is to promote innovative and exemplary measures for environmental protection, and to encourage employees of other companies to imitate them.

To reduce and eliminate solvents, without affecting the quality of the product, and create a cleaner working environment for employees, ZF has developed a new technology which uses a dry powder coating adhesive for brakes. Brake pads for passenger cars and commercial vehicles are no longer bonded to the carrier plate with solvent-based adhesive, but instead with an innovative dry adhesive powder. With that more than 150 tons of solvents can be saved each year.

The durable connection of the friction material with the rear wall is extremely important during the braking process as the lining must never come loose from its carrier plate. ZF’s proven ‘Powder Adhesive Technology’ ensures this and guarantees high quality and top performance of its TRW branded brake pads.

“Our agenda for the future of the aftermarket is characterised by our claim to harmonise environment and technology,” says Helmut Ernst, head of the Aftermarket Division. “We accompany our customers on the path to sustainable mobility with expertise, innovation and inventivenes.”