ZF scores with electric central drive CeTrax 2 dual for commercial vehicles

ZF’s presence at this year’s Bus2Bus trade show in Berlin got off to a good start after its advanced electric central drive, the CeTrax 2 dual, won the International busplaner Sustainability Prize 2024 in the Vehicle Components category.

Der elektrische Zentralantrieb CeTrax 2 dual.
CeTrax 2 dual electric central drive.

The prize from the German Huss publishing house recognizes manufacturers and suppliers to the bus and coach industry for their efforts towards developing commercially viable products and practices that also promote environmental sustainability.

The CeTrax 2 dual is ZF’s heavy-duty variant of its next-generation central electric drive series, CeTrax 2. It is designed to fit within the space where the transmission would be located in a conventional vehicle, enabling manufacturers to offer both ICE and electric drivetrains in a single vehicle platform.

Bernd Wachter, ZF’s Sales Director, EMEA, said: “This award is further confirmation of how ZF’s technologies are leading the way in electrifying different vehicle segments to help the industry significantly reduce carbon emissions.

“This recognition underscores ZF’s position as the preferred development partner for leading bus and coach manufacturers in making electrification technologies a viable alternative to the traditional combustion engine.”

Featuring two integrated 800 Volt silicon carbide (SiC) inverters, the CeTrax 2 dual is capable of delivering 380 kW continuous power and 24,700 Nm of peak output torque for vehicles up to 44 tons. Its 3-speed transmission with 2 e-actuators not only optimizes efficiency but delivers smooth acceleration and quiet operation.

The award was presented to ZF on the eve of the Bus2Bus trade show in Berlin (24-25 April 2024). There, alongside the CeTrax 2 dual, ZF presented its latest innovations for decarbonization, safety and digitalization for the bus and coach industry. Visit ZF’s Bus2Bus landing page to find out more.