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ZF hybrid and EV brake pads recognised

ZF Aftermarket’s TRW Electric Blue, a brake pad specifically designed for electric and hybrid vehicles has been recognised with an innovation award.

The TRW Electric Blue won the ‘parts, vehicle equipment and spare parts’ category at Equip Auto in Paris.

Launched in September 2018, the pads are designed to significantly reduce interior noise and brake dust. Since its launch, the TRW Electric Blue programme has been expanded so that ZF Aftermarket achieves market coverage of 92 per cent for hybrid and 97 per cent for electric cars in Europe.

“The innovation award for the TRW Electric Blue brake pad is confirmation of our role as an active designer of the Next Generation Aftermarket,” explains Helmut Ernst, head of ZF Aftermarket. “We are very pleased to be able to offer our partners this innovative product for almost all electric and hybrid vehicles in Europe.”

ZF continues to contribute to the reduction of CO₂ emissions in road traffic. The technology group offers hybrid modules, plug-in hybrid transmissions and electric drives for electric vehicles, including power electronics and system integration.