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Yuasa motorcycle batteries sets the stand at Somora

Yuasa is the leading motorcycle and powersports battery brand and Original Equipment (OE) supplier to all of the world’s top motorcycle manufacturers.
Not often acknowledged, only Yuasa and GS produce genuine YTX, YTZ and GYZ high-performance batteries. These codes have become generic throughout the industry but are, in fact, registered to GS Yuasa.
With more than 40 years of development, every Yuasa motorcycle battery provides the same high performance, quality and reliability as the bike’s original. Yuasa’s High Performance Maintenance Free, Maintenance Free and YuMicron aftermarket motorcycle battery ranges feature the most advanced technologies available on the market today.
Over the years Yuasa has pioneered many changes. Originally, dry-charge batteries featured a plug lid for maintenance and an open vent to atmosphere. In 1983 Yuasa introduced dry charge, Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) sealed, maintenance-free types. The benefit of these is reduced weight and size, and the elimination of the open vent. From 1999 onwards, the YTZ wet type, sealed maintenance free, high performance battery was introduced. This removed the need for the commissioning process and allowed angled fitments.
–       Yu Micron – The glass mat and thin separator design resists vibration and Sulphate Stop gives longer life
–       Yu Micron CX – Lead-calcium technology for higher coldcranking power and reduced self-discharge
–       Maintenance Free VRLA – Leadcalcium technology, permanently sealed, needs less charging
–       Maintenance Free High Performance – Radial grid design and additional plates give up to 30% more cold-cranking power.
With an extensive range of references covering hundreds of models, mechanics and technicians can use Yuasa’s industry-leading trade battery lookup tool at fit.yuasa.co.uk to find the right battery by registration search.

Yuasa batteries are available from Somora Motor Parts. Tel: 01 – 675 4500