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Yuasa launches brand new YBX Active battery range

Yuasa has launched its brand new YBX Active® range specially designed for leisure, marine, specialist and garden applications. The new range will be available from April 1.

Featuring the very latest technology and a host of advanced safety features, every battery in Yuasa’s new YBX Active range is specially designed for Leisure, Marine or Specialist and Garden applications. The range is larger than Yuasa’s previous offer with the introduction of new high-performance types including Enhanced Flooded (EFB) and Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) technology models for Leisure and Marine.

All batteries in the range have a new, eye-catching label design which is colour coded to their application. Green for Leisure and Marine, blue for Marine and red for Specialist and Garden. Leisure and Marine models also feature the battery’s Watt Hour rating, number of cycles and Marine Cranking Amps as part of the specification information to make it easier for a customer to select the right battery based on their individual requirements.

All YBX Active Leisure and Marine batteries are fully tested and verified by the National Caravan Council (NCC) as part of its Verified Leisure Battery Scheme. The scheme ensures caravan and motorhome users can easily identify which batteries on the market are quoting accurate, verified specifications, and which are not. All NCC verified YBX Active batteries have undergone stringent testing, so users can be confident of high quality, performance and reliability throughout their long service life.
James Hylton, Commercial Director at GS Yuasa Battery Sales UK Ltd said: “We are excited to launch our new YBX Active range of Leisure and Marine, Marine, and Specialist and Garden batteries.

“The new range significantly expands our offer. All YBX Active batteries offer the high quality, performance and reliability for which Yuasa is renowned worldwide. We are the world’s number one choice for motorcycle, automotive and industrial batteries and also an original equipment (OE) supplier to many top vehicle brands.

“The last thing people want to worry about is their battery so all YBX Active batteries give users complete peace of mind throughout their long service life. As Leisure and Marine batteries in the range now feature their NCC Verification Class, Watt Hour rating and number of cycles, customers will be able to choose the battery they need for their own individual requirements and be confident their battery is up to the task.”

All new YBX Active Leisure and Marine, Marine and Specialist and Garden batteries are maintenance free. They come fully charged and ready to fit and will be available in stores from 1 April.