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Yuasa GYZ batteries for motorcycles

With the cold weather approaching, riders are starting to think about putting their motorcycle into storage. Yuasa GYZ batteries are designed to provide a significantly lower self-discharge rate and improved cycle life. Combined with the increased capacity, this means they offer greater lasting power for improved performance after periods of inactivity, perfect for the winter months.

Yuasa batteries are made to last longer and deliver more power, that’s why all major motorcycle manufacturers fit them as standard. With over 40 years of development, every Yuasa motorcycle and scooter battery provides high performance, exceptional quality and proven reliability. As worldwide market leader, Yuasa technology has been developed and improved over time to fulfil the increasing demands of both bike manufacturers and consumers. Yuasa batteries are developed with bike manufacturers to meet the specific needs of a motorcycle or scooter.

GYZ batteries are the most powerful batteries in powersports and flagship of Yuasa’s motorcycle range. They have a longer shelf life than any other battery in production and improved life cycle performance, so are a perfect upgrade for customised motorcycles requiring the best performance available in the market. They come factory activated, meaning they are easy to handle and maintain.

The first GYZ batteries were designed in conjunction with a major powersports OEM to meet the needs for increased capacity and durability, while maintaining the same footprint of existing Yuasa batteries used as original equipment. These factory-activated, maintenance-free, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are ideal for the most demanding applications that require the highest performance and unmatched reliability.

GYZ batteries feature taller plates which provide more surface area to generate more power – up to 500 CCA and 32 Ah in the GYZ32HL. The GYZ20L is the approved premium upgrade for the YTX20L, with it being the same physical size but offering more amp hours. This battery is the recommend choice for Harley Davidson motorcycles which cover a great deal of miles in the summer and long periods of inactivity in the winter.

The Yuasa GYZ Series portfolio includes a total of six sizes for heavy-duty V-twin and Metric motorcycles, as well as other powersports applications including ATV and UTV.

Key features of the Yuasa GYZ battery design: