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Yuasa adds to OE YBX battery range

GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd, the world’s leading battery manufacturer, has introduced seven new Yuasa automotive batteries to its market-leading, Original Equipment (OE) quality YBX range. The new additions provide a significant increase in coverage of the European vehicle parc.

Now available to the aftermarket, the seven new batteries expand Yuasa’s YBX3000, YBX5000 and YBX7000 offer. Together they increase parts coverage by over 50 additional vehicles with a combined population of over 200,000 passenger cars in the UK, according to Yuasa.

James Hylton, Managing Director at GS Yuasa Battery Sales (UK) Ltd said: “Yuasa’s Original Equipment YBX batteries are trusted by both the trade and consumers alike. With an established OE pedigree, we are proud to have the largest vehicle coverage for one brand.”

“GS Yuasa are always looking to maximise the coverage, specification and competitiveness of our battery ranges. This means we are able to offer our customers the best value and the largest choice. The new automotive types are available immediately to the European aftermarket.” Hylton added.

The popular YBX3000 battery series, which offers up to 30,000 starts, has seen five new references introduced: The YBX3750 and YBX3780 satisfy the demand for BCI standard front terminal type batteries that are popular on a wide range of American vehicles; The YBX3214 and YBX3205 are unique to numerous Korean-built Chevrolet, Kia and Hyundai models; whilst the YBX3115 expands GS Yuasa’s coverage in popular VAG, BMW and Volvo cars, Yuasa says.

The YBX5116 has also been introduced to Yuasa’s premium quality YBX5000 series. This Layout 1 L4 DIN battery provides up to 50,000 engine starts and satisfies unique requirements of some Chevrolet Captivas & Vauxhall Antaras.

Finally, the YBX7019 was introduced to the YBX7000 EFB range to meet the demand of an increasing number of VAG models that employ L5 DIN EFB batteries in premium Start/Stop models.