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Workshops get fake Launch warning

Workshops have been warned that fake “Launch” diagnostic equipment, currently available on the market at seemingly attractive prices isn’t fit for purpose. The warning comes from Woodford Diagnostic & Training Services, the exclusive distributor of Launch in Ireland.

Robert Keith of Woodford Diagnostic & Training Services told AutoTrade.ie that rip-off copies of Launch’s highly popular diagnostic tools are currently available of the market. While they look similar, to the real thing, they do not have all the features of the genuine article, according to Robert.

“The Launch Pro S and Pro 3 S come with two years downloads, a two-year warranty and have the full support and backing of the manufacturer,” Robert explained.

“There are cheap copies available on the market, that do not have the full functionality of the genuine equipment. They do not have access to downloads and are totally inferior to the genuine Launch product,” added.

For more information on the genuine Launch range of diagnostic equipment contact Robert Keith on 087 258 8840.