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Woodford launches new hand-held diagnostics tool

Woodford Diagnostics & Training has launched the Polish manufactured Axes CDIF3 hand-held diagnostic tool on to the Irish market.

The CDIF/3 is a reliable partner in the workshop for everyday diagnostics, and since it’s launch in 2014, it has won several innovation awards across Europe.

The CDIF/3 meets and exceeds the diagnostics needs of automotive workshops across Europe. It has been developed in close collaboration with mechanics and technicians in order to create an ultra-modern and totally reliable diagnostics tool that meets the requirements of contemporary automobile workshops.

Each CDIF/3 interface supports WiFi wireless communication. The external, fix mounted, high performance, heavy duty antenna has an excellent operating range to ensure the diagnostics unit works perfectly, even in the remotest parts of the workshop.

The CDIF/3 comes fitted with a 4.3 inch colour LCD TFT touch panel display. The display provides access to basic diagnostic functions without the need to connect to the computer, and is very simple to operate.

The unit also comes fitted with a Micro SD card port to enable recording of large amounts of diagnostic dats. It also has an in-built microphone, that is perfect for performing road and driving tests.

Thanks to the ergonomic shape of its housing, the CDIF/3 fits securely in the hand and is convenient to use. The robust aluminium housing withstands severe working conditions in the workshop.

The CDIF/3 first and foremost has been designed for comprehensive serial diagnosis. Each CDIF/3 system has been designed to accommodate optional oscilloscope, signal generator and actuator controller modules.

The CDIF/3 is built to the highest possible standards and won the Gold Medal at the International Poznan Fair.

For more information on the Axes CDIF/3 diagnostics tool contact Woodford Diagnostics & Training on 049 436 2877.