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Woodford Diagnostics & Training Services set to exhibit at Tullamore Show

Woodford Diagnostics & Training Services is set tp exhibit at the Tullamore Show on Sunday, August 11 at Butterfield Estate, Blueball, Tullamore.

The company will exhibit the Launch Creader Professional MOT hand-held diagnostics tool at the show.

The Creader Professional MOT is a multi-purpose tool which provides full OBDII/EOBD diagnostic functions, and 40 vehicle full-system diagnostic software (read and clear DTC, live data), and 11 service functions with Bluetooth diagnostic interface.

Robert Keith of Woodford Diagnostics and Training says the Creader Professional MOT is perfect for busy workshop applications.

Features include full OBD II function, data record, replay and data printout via a PC. The unit connects to the Internet, which facilitates downloads / updates.

Other important features include: injector programming, anti-theft matching, throttle matching gear learning and vehicle diagnostic software management.

There’s also a host of reset options including: TPMS, Oil, Electrical Parking Brake,

Battery Management, Steering Angle Sensor, ABS Brake Bleeding and Diesel Particulate Filter.

The Launch X-431 Euro Pro4 is another popular seller and is a high-end intelligent vehicle diagnsotic solution developed exclusively for the European market. The new Launch X-431 Euro Pro4 features “Intelligent Diagnostics” and “Cloud Diagnosis” technology.

The company will also exhibit Launch’s Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), which features the latest diagnostic and programming technology available to the aftermarket for tyres, the Pilot TMPS and RF Sensor.

Pilot TPMS is a professional diagnostic tool that integrates the vehicle’s basic diagnostic functions, common special functions and TPMS sensor activation, reading, programming (LAUNCH RF-Sensor) and learning

As a brand-new TPMS diagnostic tool with strong competitiveness, it provides automatic VIN identification and can achieve full-model, full-system automotive fault diagnosis, and has six types of commonly used service and reset functions.

To complement Pilot TPMS, Launch has also unveiled the new RF-Sensor, a convenient and powerful solution for service shops that provide TPMS service. The universal TPMS sensor covers 95% of OE Parts, and as a radio frequency sensor it can be programmed by Pilot TPMS for OE sensor replacement, via Over-the-Air Programming (OTA).

Offering over five years of battery life, key features include program capability before or after tyres’ mounting, alongside sensor activation that reads tyre pressure data, including pressure, tyre temperature and battery state, covering more than 98% of models with a tyre pressure system.

The company will be located Business Arcade B.

For more information contact Woodford Diagnostics & Training Services on 049 436 2877.