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Wolfrace releases details of Eurosport Genesis alloy wheel

Few styles of wheel have been as popular in recent years as those with ‘bladed’ spokes, with a certain, Ingolstadt based car maker probably able to take much of the credit for popularising the style. Wolfrace has always been adept at spotting changes in the market and developing related products to suit, which is why the UK’s longest standing wheel manufacturer can supply the Genesis, a stunning, ‘bladed’ alloy in a wide variety of sizes, finishes and fitments.

The Genesis is dominated by its five-spoke face, with each sporting a prominent twist partway along their length. This twist becomes more pronounced as the spoke itself meets the ‘hub’ of the wheel, with a ‘blade’ or slice at the opposite, rim end. Each spoke also has a clearly defined ‘cut-out’ running along its length, a design flourish which ensures that the Genesis is one of the most heavily detailed wheels in the Wolfrace range.

A desire to accentuate the Genesis’ signature trait, those blades, had a direct bearing on the wheel finishes Wolfrace eventually opted to offer it in. Both Gloss Black/Polished and Satin Gunmetal/Polished variants look stunning in their own right, but their real ‘trump card’ is the manner in which they contrast with the bare alloy blades at the trailing end of each spoke. Both finishes have been developed by Wolfrace to be tough and hard wearing, making them ideal for cars driven all year round and in all conditions.

The fact that Wolfrace has been in the business of designing alloy wheels since 1971 means that it can call upon the services of one of the most accomplished research and development teams in the business. This degree of expertise means that Wolfrace wheels like the Genesis manage to pair to traditionally disparate ideals, strength and lightweight, making it the ideal choice for performance orientated cars.

Styling, strength and lightweight aside, the Wolfrace Genesis is weight loaded at an impressive 1050kg, a figure which makes it suitable for fitment to all manner of lightweight commercial vehicles, including the likes of the VW Transporter and Mercedes Sprinter.

Wolfrace has long been known for the quality of its products and the ruthlessness of its development process, but the company is also wholly committed to customer satisfaction. This commitment is clearly reflected in the industry leading, 12-month warranty, one which can be extended by an extra year simply by registering said wheels online.
Strikingly styled and impeccably well engineered, the Wolfrace Genesis is one of the undoubted stars of the Eurosport range, and an alloy which has the potential to suit a massive variety of different makes and models of car.