Wiper blade troubleshooting from Denso Aftermarket

Although it’s good practice to check wiper blades regularly, generally drivers only tend to think about them when there’s a problem.

Very often the issue will be resolved by replacing the existing blade because it’s worn out or damaged, but there are other reasons that could also play a part, which is why they should understand the cause of the symptoms, as they are usually easy to fix.

Should the wiper blades ‘streak’, narrow marks will be left on the windscreen, which are caused by foreign matter that has attached itself to the blade’s rubber edge, so preventing the rubber from being in direct contact with the glass.

The solution is to clean the edge with warm water and a little mild detergent, but if streaks still appear, then the blades will need replacing.

If wiper blades ‘jump’ or vibrate, and don’t run smoothly across the windscreen, not only should the blade’s rubber edge be cleaned, but the windscreen itself will need cleaning with a purpose made glass cleaner. It’s also possible that the arm could be out of alignment and needs to be reset. However, if after cleaning and resetting, the problem persists, the blades will need replacing.

If a wiper blade edge does not contact the windscreen surface evenly, leaving one or more unwiped spots, it’s likely to have simply reached the end of its life, causing the rubber to deform, split or tear and make it unable to wipe effectively, in which case it will need immediate replacement.

When replacing wiper blades however, drivers should remember that quality is key and with Denso wiper blades, the company says this is a guarantee as they are fitted as original equipment to many vehicles.

From standard and flat blades to the latest hybrid designs, they combine intelligent design, top quality materials and accurate manufacturing, which means they wipe better and last longer.

In fact, as well as supplying vehicle manufacturers, Denso wipers are also fitted on the famous Japanese bullet trains, where their advanced design provides effective windscreen clearing, whatever the weather and throughout the seasons.