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VW Group to forcefully defend new UK lawsuit

A British law firm has applied to the High Court in London for a group litigation order to pursue VW Group UK for financial compensation due to the emissions scandal. 

It is appealing for private and business customers to join the case for free and it claims to already have details from about 20,000 claimants, but no details are available to distinguish private motorists from businesses in this group. However, a number of major fleets have come out to distance themselves from this group litigation case.

The law firm in question – Harcus Sinclair  claims that compensation could be worth £3,000 for each vehicle affected, but it was difficult to come to an exact number before going through the legal process. There estimate is based on the award by a US judge of £12 billion settlement that will see Volkswagen Group compensate affected drivers in the USA by £4,000 to £8,000 dependent on the age of their vehicle.

VW Group UK said it is taking the case seriously but it would “robustly” defend against any claims. and it further says that UK customers have not suffered a financial loss as a result of the NOx emissions issue so compensation claims are premature.

It adds that technical emissions fix measures in the UK are on schedule. In total, 508,276 Volkswagens cars and LCVs, 393,450 Audi cars, 131,569 Skoda cars and 76,773 Seat cars were affected. It expects to have completed 400,000 fixes in the UK by the end of this month.

The group points out that in the case of most of the model variants for which final approval has already been provided, the relevant certifying authorities have confirmed that implementation of the technical measures has no impact on mpg, CO2 emissions, engine performance, maximum torque and noise emissions. If this is so, it would mean that previously published CO2 and mpg values remain valid. It goes further to claim that it does not expect any decline in residual values of the vehicles affected, because of the emissions issue.