Volvo Truck offers fuel advice

Volvo Trucks’ newly introduced Fuel Advice service helps haulage firms reduce their fuel costs by appointing a fuel advisor to assist them with both planning and follow-up of their fuel consumption. The results are long-term, with savings as high as 5 per cent.

Fuel costs represent between 25 and 35 per cent of total haulage firm costs. At the same time, the hauliers’ profit margins are often very small, which means that every saving makes an important difference.

“In order to succeed in cutting the haulage firm’s overall fuel consumption, the part played by the drivers is vital. Our driver training courses in eco-driving have proven themselves to be effective, but without professional follow-up the results are often short-term,” says Mikael Lidhage, Fuel Management Director at Volvo Trucks.

That is why Volvo Trucks is now launching Fuel Advice, a personal fuel advisor whose aim is to help hauliers cut their fuel costs whilst at the same time maintaining these improvements in the long-term perspective. The service consists of three modules: Fuel Coaching, Fuel Management Toolbox and Fuel Management Support. The system requires that the haulage firm also appoints a specialist who is responsible for fuel efficiency and who handles all contacts with Volvo’s advisor.

The whole point of the service is to improve the quality of all fuel-saving measures. By giving the customer on-going feedback, these measures become increasingly natural and easy to use.

“An engaged and focused customer who has open channels of communication with his drivers, with the company’s own fuel economy specialist and with Volvo’s fuel advisor, can fairly easily cut fuel consumption by between three and five per cent,” relates Mikael Lidhage.

Fuel Advice complements Volvo Trucks’ existing Fuel Management Service, which is primarily designed for larger haulage firms.

“With Fuel Advice even smaller haulage firms have the chance of benefiting from personal supervision and their own fuel advisor,” summarises Mikael Lidhage.

Fuel Advice is available with the recently-launched new FH Series. For previous models, equipped with Dynafleet, it will become available as of the start of next year.

Initially, the service will only be available in Europe.