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Volkswagen drivers in the UK can soon have parcels delivered to their cars

Volkswagen owners in the UK will soon be given the option of allowing a delivery driver to leave parcels in the boot of their car.

‘We Deliver’ will be introduced by VW in Britain next year which will allow couriers a once-off access to a vehicle, with the aim of putting an end to missed deliveries.

What could possibly go wrong then?

Well, Volkswagen said that security was high on its list of priorities when developing this service, acknowledging customer concerns about trusting a third-party to have access to their car. To address this, the car’s location will be available to the courier for a limited amount of time, delivery details are traceable to specific individual couriers, and only the opening/closing functions of the car are accessible to them.

All of VW’s cars produced in 2019, and all Touaregs produced after July 2, 2018, can take part if the owner signs up via an app.

The scheme is already being trialled in Germany, with 300 people across Berlin using the service ahead of its full launch.