Volkswagen Caddy now with Park Assist

The Caddy from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is one of the most popular and flexible urban delivery vans. Using the “Park Assist system”, which makes automatic parking possible, the Caddy is now even more suited to urban (delivery) traffic. This innovative feature is, alongside four-wheel drive and DSG, another element which is only available in the Caddy in this segment.

The latest generation of the “Park Assist system” which can now be ordered for the Caddy, makes, alongside automated parking in side parking spaces, assisted transverse parking possible, at right angles to the road – a feature which is particularly practical for courier services.

The system can be activated by pressing a button in the centre console at speeds of up to 40 km/h. Using the turn signal lever the driver selects the side of the street on which they wish to park. If the Park Assist system determines a parking space which is large enough using the ultrasonic sensors in the Caddy, the assisted parking procedure can begin. The driver selects the reverse gear and then only has to depress the accelerator or brake pedal. The Caddy takes over the steering of the vehicle. Acoustic signals as well as visual information in the multi-function display support the driver.

When parking, the Park Assist system reduces the vehicle speed to 7 km/h. The system can also brake the vehicle should it detect an imminent collision. The driver is however still responsible for braking the vehicle, as the braking function of the Park Assist system cannot prevent damage in each individual case.

Furthermore, a 360° optical parking system (OPS) assists in the parking procedure. The OPS shows the vehicle from above on the colour display of the relevant radio and radio navigation system. In this way, the driver can, using the yellow and red signals, easily determine whether the Caddy or Caddy Maxi is close to any obstacles at the front and rear of the vehicle. An acoustic warning will also sound.

The Park Assist system is available for nearly all versions of the Caddy – whether as a van, combi or passenger vehicle, or with a short or long wheelbase – with immediate effect for an extra price of €643 + VAT – including “ParkPilot” acoustic warning signals from the front and rear.