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Versatile magnetic tool and bit organisers from Laser Tools

If you’re well organised and like to keep your tools neat, tidy and clean, then these two magnetic tool organisers are sure to appeal.

Part number 7530 takes 34 different tools including bits, bit drivers, socket adaptors, universal joints, etc. Part number 7531 is a magnetic bit organiser that holds 43 different bits and adaptors, specifically designed for 10mm shank automotive bits. Keeps all these fiddly bits and adaptors in one easily accessible place. The tools and bits are not included, of course.

Both organisers feature powerful magnets that hold the tools and bits securely but are also strong enough to hold the full assembly onto a steel vertical surface such as the side of a tool chest or roll cab. Their compact size, 235mm x 55mm x 35mm (7530) and 375mm x 88mm x 41mm (7531) also allows them to be stored neatly in the tool tray.

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