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Versatile double-ended flexible bit spanners from Laser Tools

In the modern engine bay the hex-headed or star-headed set screw or fastener is very common, used on the engine, gearbox and many ancillaries. They can often be hidden behind pipework, wiring harnesses or other components and with the aid of a workshop light you may be able to see it, but can you get to it?

If you cannot get a screw or bit-driver anywhere near, reach for these new flexible bit spanners from Laser Tools: part number 7480 (hex bit) and 7481 (star bit).

The spanners have a flexible joint allowing the bit to swivel through a full 240° and its very slim design will get into the tightest spaces. There are five spanners in each set, all double-ended therefore offering 10 commonly used bit sizes per set: the 7480 hex bit set includes 2mm + 2.5mm, 3mm + 4mm, 5mm + 6mm, 8mm + 10mm and 12mm + 14mm bit sizes; the 7481 star bit set includes T15 + T20, T25 + T27, T30 + T40, T45 + T50 and T55 + T60.

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