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Valeo leads the way in flat blade technology

Valeo Service UK, an expert in the manufacture and supply of wiper systems, provides the automotive aftermarket with a wide range of exclusive flat blade solutions from its Silencio® and HydroConnect™ brands.

Since launching the first Original Equipment (OE) flat blade in 2004 for Mercedes applications, Valeo has continued to innovate, with nearly half of the European car parc equipped with OE flat blades in 2016.

Valeo flat blades consist of two metal splines for efficient wiping performance, an asymmetrical spoiler for improved high-speed operation, high quality rubber for a smooth and silent wipe, along with OE adaptors for quick, easy fitting.

Silencio Flat Blades

Valeo’s Silencio brand features high quality flat blades in its X.TRM® range.
The entire Silencio X.TRM range is the only complete range of OE direct fit flat blade sets in the UK without the need for additional adapters.

With more than 160 part numbers covering 98 percent of the vehicle parc, Silencio X.TRM blades offer optimum visibility in all circumstances due to their extremely flat design.
The blades are specifically designed with the spline curvature, adaptor and length matching the original part found on the vehicle.
Over the course of 2016 alone, Valeo has launched more than 20 Silencio flat blades covering 50 new vehicle applications. These new blades also feature as original equipment on popular vehicle marques such as Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford and Audi.


Valeo’s new multiconnection flat blade technology is featured in its HydroConnect range, offering 96 percent OE flat blade car parc coverage (front and rear) with just 28 part numbers.
HydroConnect is made up of three different product ranges: HydroConnect Front™ specially designed for vehicles originally fitted with front flat blades, HydroConnect Rear™ made for vehicles originally fitted with rear flat blades, and also HydroConnect Upgrade™, allowing the upgrade of a conventional blade to Valeo’s flat blade technology with an easy click adaptor.

Valeo is an automotive supplier, partner to all automakers worldwide. As a technology company, Valeo proposes innovative products and systems that contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and to the development of intuitive driving. In 2015, the Group generated sales of 14.5 billion euros and invested over 10% of its original equipment sales in research and development. Valeo has 134 plants, 17 research centers, 35 development centers and 15 distribution platforms, and employs 82,800 people in 30 countries worldwide.