USB powered diamond-tipped engraver

Laser Tools has unveiled a USB powered diamond-tipped engraver that is ideal for tradesmen and home hobbyists, whcih features a diamond tip that rotates at 14-16,000 RPM.

The engraver is conveniently powered via a USB source — that can be a computer or laptop, a USB power bank or USB mains adaptor.

Lightweight and compact, the engraver is very useful for security marking of tools and equipment, trophies and even dog identification discs.

It has numerous uses in art and craft projects and can be used to mark virtually any surface, hard or soft. You can engrave or decorate a wide variety of materials including metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, wood and leather.

Available now from your Laser Tools stockist.

For details of your nearest stockist contact Qualvecom on 01 419 1611