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Universal coolant does not exist

MPM International Oil Company says there is no such thing as a universal coolant, anymore.

At this point, there are more than eight different types of coolant liquids, which are already stipulated as a mandatory requirement by car manufacturers.

Severe engine damage is often the result of a malfunctioning cooling system due to the use of the wrong coolant. Modern cars, with a combustion engine, are equipped with high-tech, complex cooling systems.

The protective effect of coolants are based on various technologies.

These systems consist of different metals (for example, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium and brass) which each have different properties.

For the engine to function smoothly, it is essential to only use the right coolant.

Car manufacturers each have their own requirements regarding the correct coolant. It is therefore crucial to strictly follow these requirements, and to be wary of so-called universal / multi vehicle coolants.

A combustion engine generates a lot of heat during the combustion of fuel. This heat must be dissipated to prevent the engine from overheating, which would cause severe damage.

MPM says a good coolant must have excellent heat transfer properties, should not solidify or freeze at low temperatures, and must have a high boiling point to prevent vapour bubbles from foaming.

A good coolant should also protect the internal part of the engine and cooling system against corrosion, erosion and cavitation. The coolant must not affect the materials used and must not foam.

The terms antifreeze and coolant are often used interchangeably, according to MPM.

The lubricants manufacturer says its products with the name ‘antifreeze’ are antifreeze products that still need to be diluted with demineralised water before use. These products are also referred to as ‘concentrate’.

MPM products with the name ‘coolant’ are ready-to-use and should never be diluted, according the company. MPM offers all OEM original prescribed types of coolant.

MPM coolant and lubricant ranges are distributed in Ireland by Top Part.