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UFI Filters wins Innovation Award

UFI Filters have won an Innovation Award for its UFI Multitube.

UFI Filters, a leader in the filtration technology and thermal management has developed revolutionary engine air filtration technology – UFI Multitube, a patented system that stands out for its tubular structure and replaces the traditional panel filter; ensuring increased filtration performance and greater engine power in a reduced space.

UFI Multitube introduces a cutting-edge technology into the original equipment market, firstly for the Porsche GT2RS and soon for other high-volume applications, both Italian and international. The technology is set to spread rapidly throughout the OEM market, followed by the aftermarket.

What makes the filtration technology revolutionary is the particular geometric flexibility of the UFI Multitube cartridge, the structure of which allows for pipes to be positioned in parallel, in series or according to different geometries, with different diameter and lengths depending on engine space requirements. The new UFI Group technology offers modularity and a flexible design to suit the specific needs of car manufacturers, adapting to the individual vehicle model and optimising space inside the engine compartment. UFI Multitube’s innovative features also include the reshaping of the filter.

Despite retaining significant filtration performance – over 99.5 per cent- in a more con ned space, the company has reduced bulk by up to 50 per cent compared with a traditional panel filter. This is particularly advantageous for hybrid cars, where space in the engine compartment is especially limited due to the presence of an electric device in addition to the mechanical systems.

Thanks to its geometric structure, UFI Multitube offers better fluid dynamics, ensuring a linear ow in terms of air passage. This reduces resistance and minimises the loss of pressure and energy; guaranteeing the availability of extra horsepower whilst also minimising harmful emissions and fuel consumption.