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UFI Filters expands range for Asian car manufacturers

UFI Filters is expanding its OE presence among Asian car manufacturers, with the fuel filter for 2.2 litre engines for the Nissan X-Trail and Renault Koleos. UFI’s Aftermarket Distributors can order the spare part from the catalogue using the code 24.095.04 UFI.

The UFI Group exclusively supplies its distributors with original spare parts.

Another new original equipment item for the Asian range; the UFI fuel filter for the new Nissan Juke compact crossover 1.5 DCI Euro 6C 110HP engine. The spare part is listed in the UFI aftermarket catalogue with code 24.080.01. UFI Filters technology at the service of modern Euro 6C engines ensures a water-fuel separation capacity of >95 per cent in compliance with ISO 16332 and a passive electric heater to prevent the formation of paraffins in winter.

UFI Filters technology is at the service of a greener and more sustainable future. The new Hyundai Tucson and Kia Sportage with a mild hybrid 1.6-litre turbo diesel engine are fitted with complete UFI fuel filters as OE.

The spare part is already available exclusively for aftermarket distributors with code 24.123.00.