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Tyre damage patterns offer insight to technicians

Tyres are always worth inspecting when troubleshooting vehicle damage. Aside from enabling repair professionals to spot any defect immediately, scrutinising tyre wear patterns can reveal whether or not the damage was caused by a suspension component.

This type of damage is easy to fix, thus protecting customers from future tyre trouble. In their latest video tutorial posted on the “Meyle TV” YouTube channel, the “Meyle Mechanics” give a summary of possible tyre damage root causes and demonstrate remedial action.

Tyres are an easily accessible and reliable source of information when troubleshooting vehicle damage. In their latest video, the “Meyle Mechanics” examine different types of tyre abnormalities and explain where they may come from. Take, for example, unilateral tyre wear. The possible root causes include incorrect axle alignment, local wear of defective shock absorbers or local wear caused by incorrect braking behaviour. The “Meyle Mechanics” detail a total of six different damage patterns and then show what respective remedial action to take. These include, for instance, replacing the ABS sensor or the shock absorbers.

The video also shows how to localise and identify defects using the Meyle joint play tester. This multi-functional tool can also be used as a wheel gripper to remove tight wheels.
Requiring only a little bit of effort, the Meyle tool is as easy on the rim as it is on repair professionals.