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Two Irish winners at Renault Dealer of the Year awards 

Last week Groupe Renault, hosted a ceremony for its annual ‘Dealer of the Year’ awards. More than 2,500 dealers took part in the challenge across 35 countries in 2015. Two dealerships from Ireland were amongst the 105 winners.


The winner from the Republic was Dennehy Motors, in Limerick represented by Rory Dennehy. And among the five winning UK dealers was Northern Ireland’s Shelbourne Motors. The Portadown dealership was represented by Paul Ward.

The 105 winners of the 2015 DOTY awards were selected on the basis of four criteria:

– Sales volume for new vehicles, spare parts, accessories and service contracts,
– The profitability of their dealership,
– Customer service quality,
– Compliance with brand identity standards.

The ceremony was held last Wednesday at the Renault Technocentre in the Paris region. Thierry Koskas, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, acknowledged the commitment, performance and professionalism of these Group dealers throughout the ceremony. He underlined the importance of the dealer network in transmitting the value of the Group’s brands, products and services to our customers and their key role in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

For the first time, the 2015 event recognised dealers for their commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR – priorities: road safety, the environment, mobility for all and the development of human capital), many of them have also received an award for theirs sales performances.

Groupe Renault’s priority across its global distribution network of 12,000 outlets is customer satisfaction in sales and aftersales. Renault is committed to satisfying its customers regardless of their individual profile and expectations throughout the entire customer journey, during the seven moments of truth which underpin their brand experience. Renault is stepping up the rollout of its C@RE2.0 programme to achieve its goal of ranking among the Top 3 for customer satisfaction in its main markets.

“Groupe Renault now has a new and expanded range of vehicles. Our sales network is our main ambassador for our brands and products. I know I can count on its professionalism and quality of service to promote these fantastic products to our customers,” commented Thierry Koskas, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing of Groupe Renault.