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Tuesday best day to buy or sell a Car

Tuesday is the most popular day of the week to buy or sell a used car, according to vehicle data experts,

The result is based on analysis of daily transaction figures for used vehicles over the past four years. In terms of yearly breakdown, the most popular day of the year to buy a vehicle is the 1st Tuesday in February.

This is understandable considering that most new vehicles are sold in the first three months of the year due to the Irish registration system, which encourages people to buy their car early in the new year to get the most from their new 2012 plate.

The result of people buying new vehicles in the first part of the year is that, a lot tend to trade in their older used vehicles. These vehicles are then resold in the early part of the year.

For example used car sales for Q1 2012 were 204,341 compared with Q4 2011 of 147,865.