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TRW Aftermarket extends Corner Module programmes

In the first six months of 2016, TRW Aftermarket has launched an impressive 390 new references across its ‘Corner Module’ offering of braking, steering and suspension parts.

The range extension spans the majority of popular global vehicle manufacturers, including: BMW, Honda, Toyota, Dacia, SEAT, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus.

UK marketing manager, Kevin Price said: “Making sure our customers always have the fastest access to new parts is top of our agenda.”

“Another top priority is to continue communicating our messages of safety, quality and range.”
He continued: “With generations of experience and engineering expertise TRW has a deep understanding of how the different systems in the vehicle, and the components in those systems, affect each other.”

“With this knowledge, we are able to design and choose the best materials and combine them with the best manufacturing processes to offer the best solution on the market.”

The range extension contains the following braking parts: 43 brake calipers; 42 brake hoses; 11 brake master cylinders; two wheel brake cylinders; one clutch master cylinder; one clutch slave cylinder; three wheel speed sensors; 55 brake discs; two accessory kits for brake shoes; four accessory kits for parking brake shoes; 63 parking brake cables; four clutch cables; one brake booster; 18 brake pad sets; one brake pad wear indicator and two brake shoe sets.

In addition, the extension comprises of the following steering and suspension references: five tie rod axle joints; nine ball joints; three steering columns; 21 shock absorbers; 13 steering gears; 39 track control arms; 19 tie rod ends; four rod assemblies; 22 rod/strut stabilisers; one hydraulic steering pump and one suspension strut repair kit.