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Trico wins Scania OEM business

Trico has won the Scania OEM business for the new Scania Global R-Series Truck for both the LHD and RHD front wiper systems.

The new R-Series truck is designed for toughness to master all conditions, represents the next generation, with class leading comfort, control and visibility and is equipped with Trico’s Global 1 blades, which are designed specifically for trucks, and which have been rigorously tested, to meet the harshest of weather, from the coldest to the hottest climatic regions. Trico’s front wiper system has been especially designed to be robust and respond to the challenges and requirements for this global heavy-duty truck.

Trico supplies the whole system from the blades, arms, motor and linkage.  

Trico offers the largest selection of heavy-duty wiper products in the market today for virtually all heavy-duty truck, bus and LCV needs.