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Transmech clutches prove popular choice

Transmech is the leading aftermarket clutch brand, which has been established for over 10 years, with a product range that is sourced directly from the world’s leading independent component manufacturers.

“The Transmech range is manufactured to exceptional standards to meet the highest performance requirements within IS0 9002 Quality Assurance, so we can offer repairers an affordable clutch solution, on par with OE quality,” Martin Gray, CEO, Euro Car Parts commented.

He added: “The plates utilise non-asbestos OE quality woven friction material with applications to suit all models. We’re so confident of Transmech’s quality that all kits come with a comprehensive two-year 20,000 mile no quibble warranty.

He continued: “The majority of the Transmech business is within the 100 per cent new Transmech Blue range, accounting for over 75 per cent of the brand’s business today.

Transmech Green was introduced last year in response to a market requirement for an alternative to the OE self-adjusting clutch (SAC). The SAC clutch is now one of the most popular designs fitted to the modern vehicle.”

According to Euro Car Parts figures, warranty return levels on remanufactured clutches, much like the Transmech Blue range, are the same as OE equivalents the company is seeing more repairers realise the benefits of remanufactured parts. New technology ensures that a remanufactured clutch can perform at the same standard as the OE equivalent, while offering repairers and customers a significant cost saving. Unlike some OE brands, Euro car Parts does not charge a surcharge for remanufactured parts.

There is a significant market for conversion kits. More repairers and fleet users are taking up this option over a DMF and clutch because of the considerable longer-term cost savings that can be enjoyed. The range available today covers more than 100 different kits, with light commercial vehicle applications occupying three of the top five sales positions.

“ Preference often comes down to the customer’s perception of DMF/conversion kits and we build our range to ensure that we can offer everything that a repairer needs,” Gray added.

He continued: “Conversion kits do get very mixed reviews. There are many customers who prefer a conversion kit over a DMF, while others feel the DMF is the better option as this was the part originally fitted to the vehicle. Rigorous R&D testing has found that, compared to the DMF and kit option, the conversion kit performs just as well in terms of overall clutch operation, transmission protection, comfort and can also improve heat dissipation and durability. Fitting times for a conversion kit are comparable to a DMF product and kit offering.”

“With ever increasing engine performance and torque outputs becoming greater, there are more demands on the clutch to transmit greater torque but without significantly increasing pedal loads. The Self-Adjusting Clutch (SAC) design achieves optimum performance. While clutch clamping forces increase, the release force can be kept consistent and to a low level, avoiding the need to introduce servo systems or additional assistance for the driver.”

He concluded: “It is essential that the correct installation tool is used when fitting SAC clutches. We’ve seen many instances of the SAC clutch actuation system being disturbed during fitment. In extreme cases, this can result in complete non-operation of the clutch, usually only found after the installation has been completed. Other problems encountered have seen the destruction of new Dual Mass Flywheels by trying to by-pass the correct fitment procedure and not utilising the SAC fitment tool.”

For more information, and for specific details on Euro Car Parts Team P R Reilly Limited range of clutches visit or call our Kilbarrack sales team on 01 8320006 or Santry sales team on 01 8620000