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Total unveils new packaging designs

March 23 saw Total present the complete redesign of its Total and Elf Lubricants packaging. These innovative and ergonomic designs will be available to the Irish market through authorised distributor, Finol Oils.

An Evolved Design
In a major step forward, the Total bottle has been entirely redesigned to enhance the user experience. As well as being more practical and a lot easier to read, the labelling and body feature a more modern, premium and all-round dynamic design to showcase the products superior quality.

Better Classifications
Consumers can now also easily identify the product they need at a glance, thanks to the new colour coding: Platinum for top-tier, Silver for mid-tier and Bronze for entry range products. Buyers can then delve into the essential product information by checking the new label, which distinctly highlights the product uses and benefits as they curve around the brand name, similar to a car dashboard.

Comfortable Handing
The new can offers a new design with a more ergonomic handle that makes it easier to grasp and carry. The cap has been functionally redesigned as well, to make it easier to fill the oil sump when replacing or topping up.

Sustainability Benefits
In addition to these new design developments, the new and improved manufacturing processes provide numerous environmental bene ts. A huge reduction in the weight of the bottle will drastically reduce the emissions of 9,500 tons of CO2 equivalent each year owing to raw material savings.

“We have always offered products that are very simple for customers to decipher,” says Jean Parizot, Vice President Automotive at Total Lubrifiants. “But today’s shoppers need different information about products and how to use them, so we decided to redesign our cans by giving them a new shape, colour and label. The challenge was to maintain a distinctive design, so consumers find it even easier to identify our TOTAL and ELF products. I think we achieved our goal, and the results are on a par with our lubricant’s performance — in other words, excellent!”

For more information contact Finol on 01 455 5484.