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Top Part introduces unique Approved Service Kits

It has always been a dilemma for many car owners as to whether or not to have their cars serviced in main dealerships or in an independent workshop.

Typically, the majority of newer cars are serviced and maintained in main dealerships while they remain under warranty. Thereafter, some car owners stay with their main dealership for their servicing requirements, but most go to independent service centres.

As cars get older, car manufacturers, distributors and main dealerships try to compete for the business with special servicing offers and many offer less expensive second-line parts.

On the other hand, the independent servicing sector primarily gets its mainline parts from motor factors. And most factors offer two price levels to satisfy the demand from independent garages and sole operators, but with a very modern car parc in Ireland, with increasingly high manufacturer specifications and engine tolerances it has never been more important that the correct filtration and lubricants are used.

Now a new hybrid solution – Approved Service Kits offered by Top Part may just be the answer for many.

The new hybrid solution primarily targets professional independent garages that adhere to and carry out work to manufacturers’ specifications, where they have the right to service all vehicles, as laid-out under EU Competition Law (BER).

The offering is based on independent service centres using an Approved Service Kit that meets and upholds all manufacturers’ warranty requirements and supports in car literature that highlights the quality of the products used, informing the vehicle owner that their vehicle has received an approved service.

Block Exemption Regulations (BER) states that independent repairs can carry out normal service maintenance and repairs during a vehicle warranty period without invalidating the warranty conditions provided OE or matching quality parts are fitted.

Top Part outlines that the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) instructions to members on the subject of warranties is: “ Vehicle manufacturers may not make their warranties subject to you having your car serviced within their network, or on exclusive use of their own branded spare parts.”

Top Parts says that the parts supplied from their stores in their Approved Service Kits complies with the regulations, which in-turn means that vehicle’s warranty is upheld regardless of how new the vehicle is.

With their Approved Service Kit, Top Part is committed to using BER Certified parts from leading OE manufacturers. For example it quotes: “Our unique MPM, OEM approved oil product range of over 350 lubricants and specialise liquids, ensures the correct OE lubricants fitted first service continues to be used as part of their Service kit.”