Thermostats represent profit opportunity

If you think that thermostats are low priced, low margin part, then think again! Today’s vehicles have sophisticated thermostats that, in many cases, are controlled by the ECU and therefore have a high value and require more time and skill to fit.

FAI Calorstat shot copyThe choice of thermostat suppliers has narrowed recently and if you are looking for a new supplier, you can’t do better than Calorstat by Vernet, the brand that is specified as OE by many Vehicle Manufacturers.

With a range offering 98% parc coverage and prices that are competitive against other premium brands, now is the perfect time to make the switch to Calorstat by Vernet, as 33 new to range part numbers, including for the most modern cars on the road such as the Nissan Juke, Alfa Mito and Fiat 500, have just been launched.

Calorstat by Vernet is available in Ireland from FAI plc, and is fully catalogued on MAM Autocat+ and Epicor systems.