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The woman behind some great new car designs

Agneta Dahlgren was recently named Woman of the Year 2016 by the independent organisation WAVE (Women and Vehicles in Europe). The annual Woman of the Year award is based on a vote by automobile industry journalists of both genders.


By singling out Agneta Dahlgren, Groupe Renault’s Head of Design for C-Segment (All-New Kadjar, Mégane and Scénic vehicles) and Electric Vehicles, the panel – in keeping with the organisation’s objectives – wished to highlight the career of a woman who can serve as a role model for young women seeking work in the automobile industry, and whose position is key to her company and to the automobile industry as a whole. On both accounts, Agneta was a unanimous choice.

Design of the all-new Scenic

When designing the exterior of the new Scenic, Jérémie Sommer drew inspiration from the avant-garde approach that spawned the initial Scenic of 1996 and the R-Space concept car that was revealed in 2011. In the case of the fourth-generation Scenic, the aim was to start from a blank sheet of paper to deliver a fresh take on the compact MPV.
“It didn’t take us long to realise that the R-Space’s big wheels were fundamental to the overall balance of its stance and its harmonious proportions,” says Jérémie. “Following talks with engineering, the decision to run with big wheels was agreed at a very early stage.”
In addition to the fitment of 20-inch wheels, the new Scenic’s dynamic styling was further emphasised by the design of its sides, including a raised belt-line towards the rear, prominent rear haunches and streamlined forms framed by a black sill and roof.

“Inside, two distinct ambiences coexist, namely a sporty ‘cockpit’ feel and a more open plan arrangement,” observes interior designer Maxime Pinol. “When the sliding centre console is in its foremost position and forms a single unit with the dashboard, the dominant ʻcockpit’ feel is underlined by the fact that the instruments are oriented clearly towards the driver. When the centre console is slid back, it becomes an item of ‘furniture’ that provides all occupants with stowage and connectivity, including access to four USB ports.”

The All-New Renault Grand Scenic was unveiled on Tuesday (May 24th).