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The future of remote diagnostics has arrived

Texa is set to showcase its eTruck software, which enables communication from trucks on the road back to the fleet owner and the repair shop at the Auto Trade EXPO, at Citywest Hotel & Exhibition Centre, Dublin, October 20-21.

eTRUCK provides a two-way data transfer for monitoring, remote diagnosis and troubleshooting vehicle systems as though the truck was in the workshop.

Install the Texas eTRUCK module to the truck’s diagnostic port via OBDII or 9 Pin Deutsch, download the app to the driver’s Android or iOS smartphone and connect to the Workshop and Fleet Portal.

The Texa app provides two way communication between the truck and the Workshop and Fleet portals to facilitate sharing of diagnostic information from the truck and allows remote access to the truck to monitor vehicle status and perform maintenance operations like resetting fault codes and DPF regeneration.

Benefits for the Driver

  • View real time data from the vehicle’s ECM
  • Monitor driving style to improve fuel efficiency
  • Fill out daily vehicle checks and defect reports
  • Request assistance from workshop/fleet with fault codes and regens
  • View maintenance calendar and schedule maintenance between loads

Benefits for the Fleet Owner

  • Monitor the maintenance status of your entire fleet from your management portal
  • Monitor driver activity and driving style
  • Share your service calendar with drivers and your workshop
  • Download Tachograph and Trip Data Recorder data remotely

Benefits for the Repair Shop

  • Monitor vehicle maintenance status and provide updates your customers
  • Remotely work on electronic systems as though the truck was in your shop
  • Provide remote assistance for all electronic systems, reset fault codes and perform regens
  • Provide proactive maintenance services and scheduling
  • Share your service calendar and allow customers to book service
  • Manage customer profiles within a single location