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The difference between braking products

It can be difficult for factors to sell a product based on price when the benefits may not be clearly understood. However to assist them, Borg & Beck has devised a list of questions they could face and offers advice on how to explain the benefits of its braking range.

Can’t I get a cheaper product?

Possibly, but would it be a better choice? While it may save a little money, buying a cheaper product would inevitably mean it could wear faster, come without accessories or premium quality shims, resulting in a dissatisfied customer and potentially losing their future business.

A premium quality pad like Borg & Beck is specified to perform at the top end of R90 criteria across all areas, including coefficiency, NVH, fade, wear and noise, which those that have experienced Borg & Beck braking will be able to endorse. Those who haven’t yet tried the product will instantly recogise its quality when seeing the distinct blue Wolverine double rubber shims, the noticeable organic, 100 per cent copper free formulation, and the amount of accessories included, matched with OE to include the required fittings in the box. The main benefit of fitting Borg & Beck braking components is that it’s a premium quality and trusted brand.

Technicians know that they can fit and forget, whereas with a cheaper product, there’s not that certainty.

I’ve been told that discs coated on just the hub and outer edges are better.

BeckTec 100 per cent coated brake discs offer several clear advantages over the partially coated alternative. The first, and perhaps most obvious, is that a complete coating provides protection over the entire surface of the disc, including vents, mounting holes and stud holes etc., which not only means that they always look great, but that they remain corrosion free. It also protects the discs from scratching and oxidation. By contrast, a partial coating will always be vulnerable to corrosion at the point where the coating ends and the bare metal is exposed. In addition, because the BeckTec coating improves the thermal properties of the disc, it enables the heat to dissipate more efficiently across the whole disc, minimising excessive heat build-up.

BeckTec discs also provide unequivocal benefits from a workshop perspective, as they transform the fitting process into a hassle-free operation. This is because technicians no longer have to inspect the discs for rust particles or surface corrosion or remove oil residue that would normally be applied to a partially or non-coated disc to preserve its condition during its packaging/storage. As the BeckTec disc is resistant to corrosion, it needs no such protection, and therefore no cleaning or preparation, it can simply be fitted, saving workshops both time and therefore money.

I prefer the original equipment (OE) or another brand.

The first question to ask the customer is why they like this particular brand. If the answer is simply because it’s OE, then it should be noted that Borg & Beck brakes are made by world leaders in friction manufacturing, as well as all coming with a two year/24,000 mile warranty for total peace of mind.

I’ve had a set before and they warped!

Firstly, the term warping is a term widly used by repairers, however it is not correctly used to understand why or where a problem exists. The most common reasons why brake discs can fail during the bedding in period is due to braking too hard, or sitting with the brakes firmly on following hard braking. Also, if the pads have been installed and have become stuck in a position where they are in permanent contact with the discs and they don’t have the free movement they need, this will cause the discs to overheat to a point of failure.

Any warranty claims that we have returned to us usually originate as a result of a fitment issue, as the component wasn’t cleaned or installed following the correct procedure. Other times it’s because drivers are not bedding them in correctly, resulting in a hot spot on the disc, which can create DTV and complaints of judder. Ultimately these are not product or brand related issues and we must work together to communicate these important messages to make sure they are understood thoughout the chain. We have created a braking poster to help reinforce the correct procedures for both the technicians and drivers to ensure a smooth braking experience is achieved.