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Tenneco’s DRiV to supply new Toyota Supra with Monroe Intelligent Suspension technology

DRiV, a subsidiary of Tenneco and leading global aftermarket and ride performance supplier, has revealed that advanced suspension technology from its Monroe Intelligent Suspension portfolio is to be included on the fifth-generation, 2020 Toyota GR Supra sports coupe.

The company’s Continuously Variable Semi-Active (CVSAe) suspension technology will be featured on the coupe, which is expected to reach the Irish market during the first half of 2019.

Based on a triple-tube design, CVSAe suspension technology continuously senses road and driving conditions and independently adjusts each damper in real time for a superior ride performance. Each shock features an externally mounted electronic CES8700 valve from Öhlins (a DRiV company) that connects to a central electronic control unit (ECU) that can realign damping settings every 10 milliseconds to achieve optimal ride comfort and control.

“CVSAe technology is a proven, leading-edge solution engineered to ensure drivers experience maximum comfort and enjoyment behind the wheel,” said Neville Rudd, senior vice president and general manager, OE shocks and struts, DRiV. “This advanced solution is designed to achieve the optimal balance of performance, comfort and control, helping OEMs to differentiate vehicle ride and handling characteristics in an increasingly competitive market.”

DRiV produces CVSAe suspension systems at its manufacturing facility in Ermua, Spain.